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Individual Taxes

Your individual federal and state tax returns will be filed quickly and carefully by using e-File for fast processing and quick refunds.

Business Taxes

We prepare tax returns for all business types, including S corporations, partnerships, and more.


Let our qualified bookkeepers oversee your data entry, reconciliation, and reporting so you can focus on your business.


Just enter your employees’ basic hours and wages, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Us


Rather than increasing costs every year and retaining only the clients who are willing to pay ever-increasing fees, our price is based on the complexity of your income tax return and not its amount or the time it takes us to prepare it. Because of this, we believe you will find that we are a low-price leader with high customer satisfaction—it’s our value proposition. This includes a free evaluation of the previous year’s tax return to make sure you haven’t missed any deductions or credits, and if you’re not completely satisfied with our service, you may decline to accept the return and there will be no fee.


Every return is reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 24 years of experience in taxes, accounting, and banking. Self-preparation can be a good option for some people, but small mistakes can add up.


We aim to provide you with a range of accommodations to meet your needs. Your tax documents can be mailed to our PO box, scanned and sent digitally, uploaded directly via our website, sent to our texting phone number, or even picked up by a member of our staff if you live close by. For those that would can not meet in person, we also offer remote meetings to prepare your return via computer conference or a phone call.

Who We Are



Candice Hughes

Tax Accountant

Logan C. Miller

Tax Accountant



Melika Reinitz

Bookkeeping Manager

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What We Believe

Here at L.C. Miller CPA, we believe in the simple yet effective business principal of generating our service costs based on the complexity of our client; the lower the complexity, the lower the price. Coincidentally, we assign clients to members of our staff that are completely capable of meeting their needs while not overqualified enough to take them away from the clients that need them. This saves us time and — more importantly — saves you money.

As explained by local business owner Tom Walz,

“Many income tax returns are practically identical except for the name of the filer and similar personal information. If we have a graduate level CPA with an extensive background preparing these basic forms, [we] will have to charge you accordingly. Over the years, we have found that it is best to have a clerk who specializes in the simpler returns do most of the work. Once a clerk is through, he submits returns to a senior accountant who reviews his work, handles anything particularly sophisticated or complicated… then approves and files the return.

By using a clerk specifically trained for the simpler returns we can save you a great deal of money… If you wish to have your return prepared by nobody but a top person, we would be happy to do that for you, [but] it would unnecessarily add a great deal to the bill rate for your return.

We use the same organization strategy that all professional service organizations use. Doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals all use the tier structure to give their clients the best possible service at the lowest cost.”

If you would like our CPA Calyn — and only our CPA Calyn — to address your needs, we are happy to comply, but remind you that the price to do so will reflect that of the most experienced member of our staff. We only have your best interests in mind and hope you understand our reasoning.

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