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I’m Lewis Calyn Miller (but I go by my middle name). Born in San Dimas, California, I moved to Gig Harbor, Washington with my whole family when I was 16. I’m the seventh of nine children—five sisters and three brothers. But big families are still my thing, because I have seven children of my own: Logan (19), Morgan (18), Emma (16), Taylor (14), Ammon (12), Sam (9) and Molly (5). I have been happily married since 1996, made easy by the fact I got lucky and married one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. We just celebrated our 21st anniversary by going on what amounts to our first honeymoon. We went to England—too poor to go when we first got married, and too many kids to go after that (until a few months ago)

I have two associates degrees from Tacoma Community College and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. The major was accounting, and in 2001, I sat for and passed all four parts of the CPA exam. I officially became a CPA in December 2004.

I have been in community banking since 1996. My first job was a teller at the Wells Fargo Bank in University Place and my last job was the CFO of Plaza Bank in downtown Seattle. After twenty years of banking and the merger of Plaza Bank into United Business Bank, I finally decided to move on to self-employment. This was always part of the plan however. In October 2010, I formed L.C. Miller CPA, LLC. Although my initials are LCM, I named the business for my son Logan C. Miller. He wants to be a CPA as well, and when he takes over for me, he won’t have to change the name. I converted the LLC to a PS (Professional Services Corporation) in October 2017, and to facilitate bringing on a partner, in December 2017, I formed another entity: Granularity Accounting, Inc. Granularity will be the bookkeeping, accounting, and consulting side of the business, and L. C. Miller CPA, PS will strictly handle tax.

I’m blessed to work with fantastic people and am looking forward to this new venture!

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