Emma Hauswirth

Phone: (253) 565-9424


I’ve recently moved back to Washington state after getting my bachelor’s degree at a small liberal arts school in Virginia. Of all the things I missed the most, my family has to be at the top of the list (though living within 15 minutes of a Target is a close second). I have the world’s coolest kid, my daughter Drew who is 10 months old, and I’m expecting another girl, due just after tax season. My husband loves being a stay-at-home dad and my families very own personal chef.

While it was a bit of surprise post-graduation to be the sixth of my dad’s seven children to clock some hours at L.C. Miller CPA, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about the tax code, and ways to save our clients every penny possible. During the off season, I look forward to spending time with my girls and diving into my hobbies, including playing the piano, beating my siblings in board games, and making pottery.