Benji Eggleston


“After being born in Utah and living briefly in California, my mom, sister, and I moved here to Tacoma, Washington in 2000, then to University Place in 2007 where we’ve been ever since. I went to Sunset Elementary, Drum Intermediate, then Curtis Junior and Senior High School where I graduated with honors. After working for a while in Kent and Renton, I moved to Rexburg, Idaho to attend Brigham Young University Idaho. I studied software engineering for a few semesters, then switched to English before combining my majors and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in professional studies.

My full name is Benjamin, but I took almost a year-long break between changing my degrees to work some more as a temp in a warehouse assembly line. I worked with a lot of people, often foreigners and immigrants who had incredible stories. I even made friends with a survivor of the Cambodian genocide. It was here that I realized everyone has a story to tell, and where I was given the affectionate nickname ‘Benji,’ which I’ve kept since.

With a degree in profession studies, I hope to accomplish a variety of personal and professional goals including writing a movie script, publishing an animated webcomic, and producing my own software for creating custom table-top roleplaying-games. Although my interests and pursuits are a little all over the place, I was drawn to work at L.C. Miller CPA for its need for a jack-of-all-trades and saw my chance to explore my interests in a professional office environment. I started in marketing and communications, but shortly took on the role of a tax preparer because I love to talk, listen, and form relationships with people, and can use the off-season for my creative pursuits. I’m excited to see what I can do!”