LouAnn Lazaro


I was born while my family was stationed in Hawaii. My father was in the army, so I am what some would call an Army Brat, though if you ask my three siblings (I am the youngest of four) I would just be a brat. When I was three, we had orders to transfer to an army base in Italy, then Fort Lewis in 1989. My family have been in the Pacific Northwest ever since. My siblings and I all graduated from Bethel High School in Spanaway and, in 2002, I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in business administration. Just before that in 2001, I started working as a teller for a community bank, then moved into the accounting department under Calyn five years later. In my 20 years of banking, I have been a teller, banking operations specialist, client service manager, and accountant.

I have just recently joined the L.C. Miller CPA team, but having known Calyn for 15 years, he is someone I look up to. It is an added plus to be working with him and Melika. After working in large companies for so long, I have discovered that the environment in a smaller company is much more suitable to me; it feels like family.

In my free time I like to think of myself as a go-with-the-flow-type of person. I am usually up for anything like window shopping or going to the movies (at least before Covid). Sometimes I randomly drive down to Portland, Oregon and visit some friends for the weekend. I am always happy to just be around family and/or friends.

I enjoy meeting new people and look forward to building a relationship with you.